In the beginning Gaylord Robinson created the God World and the Mortal World. The Mortal World was to have Mortal beings within it and to never have Gods tamper with the lifespan of the creatures within the World. The God World was to be for Immortal beings The Gods and Souls of the Dead. Gaylord was the Head or King of the Gods if you will, he ruled The God World, the God Stalin Ruled the ruled the Mortal World. Together they ruled everything equally and often took advice on how to make life stay balanced on the Mortal World, and they created the circle of life to keep ever balance. They created Evolution to keep the animals changing to allow them to stay up to date on the changing world they created. This balance would forever change.

2.6 million years ago the first Human is created in Uganda by Gaylord, his name would be Jayden. But across the world another Human is created by Gaylord, Nick in the Compton, California, another Brock in Wisconsin, and the last Ikechi was created in some area in continental Africa. This begins the First Era of Quaad.