Jayden is the head of the Quaad Squad and is one of the founding members (Jayden, Nick, Brock) and has full dictator power. He was born in Uganda ~2.6 million years ago and is one of the four ancients of the Quaads. He has a very noticeable accent (heal instead of hill) which no one knows where it comes from. His names he goes by include; JayRay, Senior Gaylordo, and KeloRon all have a different origin within the history of the Quaad know as "The Chapters of Quaad" in which many inside jokes and origin stories happen.

Jayden is very much the most responsible one in the group keeping Ikechi and the others in line for the most part, with the only one not in control of is Aleks (Airlessarc). He has a parent look on the whole group backhanding Ikechi when he says or does something really stupid and does the same with The Unspoken One. Jayden has a rule that you don't say anything stupid outside of Skype calls unless the majority of the Squad wants you to. This page is in development.