Cade the Cry Baby Rich White Kid is not part of the Squad but is an enemy of it. He is a Rich white kid who lives in a gated community with an Iphone 6 but still complains he has nothing and his life is bad. Cade says his parents don't love him, but they bought him an Iphone for his birthday? What?! Cade and his story may Never be known to us, because we don't care and know what it really is anyway, but we will always wonder why his over weight, rich, white self will never be grateful for anything in his life or if he will ever stop complaining about nothing, and will he ever fix his hair I mean it's always weird looking because it's sort of blonde but ginger at the same time and doesn't make sense.

Cade lives in a gated community near the Squad Member Brock and has a hate for his o-so bad life where he never gets anything from his parents other than a roof and safe place to live. But we have came to the conclusion that he is just ungrateful and has nothing better to do than waste time complaining about non-existent problems. So sorry Cade but you will never be loved with that attitude.