Bork or Brock is, from what we can tell by carbine dating his skin, from roughly the same time period as Nintendo Kid(Nick) 2.5 million years ago(he is also one of the four ancients) and has sort of a interesting story. He is born in modern day Wisconsin, U.S. and lives most of it hunting with and living with cats from what we can tell were Ocelots or of the nature. Though as he lived he moved to everything from lynxes, to Tigers in India and China but after a few hundred thousand years he settled in modern day New York to live with pet House Cats and to this day does the same but in West Virginia in a gated community(to save his cats of course). Bork has a lot of stories to tell but will we ever know his full life, only time and Bork will tell. His most famous Quote is "do you have the amiibo poopshoot ninaleven."