Airlessarc (Aleks) is what you would call the mastermind behind some of the pranks and stupid things the Squad does. The most famous one is running through Macy's Parking area and screaming VietCong in the Bush. He was Born in the area of Charlotte North Carolina ~350,000 years ago and is part of the second wave of the Quaads. He is known as the one with the best accents and can do many but like Jayden has one of his own saying Teou, Tom-orow, and aut instead of to/two/too, tomorrow, and out plus Pizzer. As names go he is know by on only four; Aleks, Alex(for formal papers and School), Airlessarc, Jihadi Piano Man, and The Rage Master because of his short temper. Aleks is the more Politically minded of the group and the most strategic and the commander during there airsoft battles.